Monique’s Bath Showroom Only Sells Mass Code Approved Plumbing Products

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March 4, 2020
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Monique’s Bath Showroom Only Sells Mass Code Approved Plumbing Products

Did you know that when a Bathroom or Kitchen is inspected, all plumbing products installed must be approved by the state of Massachusetts in order to pass inspection? If items are not approved by guidelines set by Massachusetts, the homeowner will be forced to remove the item, and will be responsible for all costs and labor associated with that process. This removal process can be quite expensive and as a result plumbing products that haven’t been “Mass Code” approved should be avoided.
The Massachusetts State Plumbing Code, 248 CMR 10.00 (commonly known as “Mass Code”), has the ultimate goal of ensuring that a particular plumbing product maintains appropriate levels associated with water conservation, meeting bare-minimum functions, and assures the overall safety of both the public using these items, and the environment. 
Unlike some other showrooms, Monique’s Bath Showroom is proud to only offer “Mass Code” Approved plumbing products, thus all items purchased from Monique’s will pass inspection in Massachusetts!

Check Out This Informative Video Explaining “Mass Code” and Our Team’s Stance on it!

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Michael R. Battista
President, Monique’s Bath Showroom

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