Monique’s Bath Showroom improvement
Our Showroom Improvement Project Is Just About 80% Done
November 27, 2015
Monique’s Private Label Series A202
GREAT Things Are Happening At Monique’s Bath Showroom!
November 27, 2015
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Backroom Blowout Sale

Monique’s Backroom Blowout Sale

In order to complete THE FINAL PHASE OF OUR SHOWROOM UPDATE, we must make space (by selling at crazy low prices) our accumulated overstock, comprised of customer returns, displays, slightly damaged items and yes, even order mistakes by our staff.

Instead of doing the conventional thing and “junking” or returning these items for credit, we thought we would hold this Blowout Sale that will benefit our valued clients that are planning a kitchen or bath remodel, flipping a house or condo or simply in the market for high end product at discounted prices. Whether a Homeowner, Builder, Plumbing Contractor, Interior Designer or an Architect, we’ll have something that you or your clients could use.

As I write to you, we have many items that need to be taken out of here in a hurry! Product will be sold as is with no returns allowed.

Here Is Just A Small Sampling Of A Few Items
We Have Available For Ridiculously Reduced Rates

Vanities, Medicine Cabinets, Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks, Bath Sinks, Faucets and more……

The minute we “hit” the send button with this blog post this information will hit our social media channels and be communicated with our extensive client list and the Blowout items will begin to disappear quickly!

What I STRONGLY SUGGEST is that you contact our Sales Team (Pat Viglirolo, Chris Rothwell, Vin Battista, Chris Sawicki, Tom Parker or Jim Mahoney) at (617) 923-1167 to inquire about purchasing specific items we have posted here online or to call ahead and set up an appointment to look around.

The “Early Bird” ALWAYS Catches The Worm

Thanks for helping us make Monique’s such a special place,
Michael Battista

Monique’s Bath Showroom

PS – We’ll be reaching out soon with information about a “special event” we’ll be hosting sometime in the early to mid fall to celebrate the completion of this showroom upgrade.

PPS – If you haven’t made yourself eligible to win our $500 Quarterly Gift Card Giveaway contest yet, you can do so by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

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